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    TODD , Your rental will start on 08/29/2021 to 08/30/2021
  • Sevice was friendly and helpful, however, the bike given to my wife was too big, even though it was a small frame and the saddle was lowered to the maximum. We should have been offered the opportunity to try a smaller bike.
    MICHAEL , Your rental will start on 08/10/2021 to 08/10/2021
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    DOUGLAS , Your rental will start on 07/29/2021 to 07/29/2021
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    JAKOB , Your rental will start on 07/02/2021 to 07/06/2021
  • Great service, very friendly staff and good equipment (same as the last time I rented from here) - I will definitely come back !!
    ROB , Your rental will start on 07/04/2021 to 07/05/2021
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    BARRY , Your rental will start on 06/04/2021 to 06/06/2021

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