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Book with us is easy and cheap!

Rent your ski equipment from the comfort of home and it'll be delivered to you , the day of your arrival, directly on the slopes.
When you arrive in the rental shop, all the equipment will be available and great prepared, you're ready to go on ski slopes and enjoy your holiday.
The Book your Rent rental shops are so many that you can choose your ideal rental shop that suit your needs. Skis, snowboards, bicycles and accessories to suit all tastes.
Our rental shops offer the highest quality of their products and of services offered.
Booking online with ByR your ski or snowboard equipment or your bike, you can have special discounts from the list price that you find in the store.
With Book your Rent, you can complete your ski equipment with all accessories! To start really "light" for your skiing holidays, in many of our rental shops members you can book really everything from head to toe. Some examples? clothing, gloves, masks and goggles, helmets, GoPro cameras and much more!
Booking on-line in many of our rental shops you can also book a locker for the depot of the equipment. Your skis will be kept for the entire week: safety and hygiene are guaranteed!

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Rent a winter sports

Rent a winter sports

Book the equipment to play your favorite winter sports: ski, snowboard, ski touring, nordic ski ed much more!

Rent bike and mountain bike

Rent bike and mountain bike

Book the equipment for your holiday on two wheels: road bike, mountain bike, electric bike, ed much more!

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