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DAN from LONDON – Your rental will start on 02/13/24 to 02/18/24

I sent an email explaining that my daughter would be exchanging her skis for a snowboard for a few days ( we were spending time with different friends doing different things through the week ). I had no email back. When I came to exchange I was met with eye rolling and had to wait for the shop to completely empty of customers before I was seen. I then paid extra (16€)because the board was more expensive, which is fair enough. She boarded for one day then went back to skis. She then wanted to snowboard for the last two days but once again met with rolling eyes and we had to wait about half an hour to be given exactly the same boots back again. This took no time as they were on the system. I then paid 21€. So 37€ extra total for three days of snowboard instead of skis My point is we are on holiday, we want what we want and happy to pay so please either charge a small fee for exchanging and deal with us without putting to the back of the queue and do so with a smile or say that you don't exchange.( I could find no terms and conditions.) At the end of the day you made an extra 37€ so we should't be made to feel like an inconvenience.

MARTIN from COSSINGTON – Your rental will start on 02/12/24 to 02/17/24

Excellent staff and service

BEN from WETHERBY – Your rental will start on 12/22/23 to 12/27/23

Everything was excellent. My only issue was a booked 2 juniors for my two daughters but as they are quite tall I was charged adult prices despite being junior in age.

COSIMO from FIRENZE – Your rental will start on 12/24/23 to 12/24/23

Very friendly environment to rent the skis. Very good quality skis too.

ANDREW from CALGARY – Your rental will start on 08/13/23 to 08/15/23

We rented via ferrata equipment for a 3 day trip into the Brenta Dolomites. We booked online at a reasonable price and the gear was ready for pickup when we arrived. The helmet and lanyards were both great, but the harness was a real disappointment! It claimed to be “one size”, but was not comfortable or adequately fit - and I’m not an overweight person. I’ve been a climber for years and work in a harness as well, so I know fit.. these harnesses are better suited to top roping in the gym, and probably for kids!

MARIUSZ from CZYZEMINEK – Your rental will start on 03/22/23 to 03/25/23

Very good staff. The only problem was limited length of available skies. I am very tall so longer skies would be better. Otherwise all good.

ANTHONY from TIVOLI – Your rental will start on 03/22/23 to 03/24/23

Professional and friendly staff. Thank you.

SUZANNE from BOCA RATON – Your rental will start on 03/06/23 to 03/11/23

The staff was very kind, patient, helpful and knowledgeable.

NATHALIE from JUPITER – Your rental will start on 03/06/23 to 03/10/23

Lorena was very professional, knowledgeable, and very friendly!

GEORGE from TIVERTON – Your rental will start on 03/06/23 to 03/10/23

Convenient, friendly staff. Able to change skis for a better fit without problems. Could use little more space for boot fitting.

OZ from GANEI TIKVA – Your rental will start on 02/06/23 to 02/09/23

the service and opening hours are terrific. very important for the customers arriving late. The staff listens to any feedback and tries it's best to assist. the variety of the snowboards and binding should be expanded to accommodate various levels and riders needs. overall I had a great experience with the rental process and the very attentive staff.

DONALD from CO DUBLIN – Your rental will start on 02/05/23 to 02/08/23

Very helpful staff, immediate refund for a friend who got injured on first day and couldn’t ski. Good edges on skis which was important as the artificial snow was quite worn and hard packed. One of the best ski hire shops I have used.

MARTEN from ESKILSTUNA – Your rental will start on 01/15/23 to 01/20/23

Very nice service by knowledge staff!

AARON from MORNINGSIDE – Your rental will start on 12/19/22 to 12/25/22

Very smooth and efficient service, the staff are very helpful and courteous


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