At the end of the booking you will be required to proceed with the payment. This amount may be paid by credit card or Paypal account. At the end of this operation you will receive an email with the voucher and the related invoice, that you will present at the rental shop. Both the cart summary and the voucher, will report the possible final payment that you will have to pay at the rental shop.
The extension of an existing booking is possible: contact us at, we will try to meet your needs based on the availability of the equipment in the rental shop you've chosen. Agreements for extending the rental period can also be taken directly to the rental shop, according to the availability of the material.
A booking can be cancelled, just follow the instructions given in the 'General Conditions' as stated on this site. If you change or cancel your booking before the date stated on your booking voucher, you will receive a full refund of the amount paid by you at the time of booking.
The sending of the booking confirmation to your e-mail address is done in automatic mode and immediate. In the event that, after you have completed the booking and made the payment, the mail wasn't delivered, the causes may be the following:
The 'e-mail address is being blocked by a spam filter (junk e-mail);
You have entered incorrect e-mail address during the booking process;
The booking process was not successfully completed for technical reasons such as network problems, momentary instability of your computer or server;
The payment was declined by your bank.
If you have not encountered any of the problems listed, please contact us at
If you no longer have the e-mail confirmation, please send an e-mail at, to request a copy.
The quickest and most effective method is to create a new booking with the missing equipment.
When you arrive in the rental shop, an expert staff will verify that the height of the ski and the number of the ski boots that you booked are ideal for you, otherwise they will give you most suitable equipment.
The hire of clothing is available in those rental shops that show this peculiarity in their services.
Also in this case, the service is available in those rental shops that show this peculiarity in their services.
Yes, poles are always included in the ski hire price.
Sure, for all the period of hire you can ask for exchange the equipment at any time. You will be required a price difference only in case of exchange with equipment of superior quality, for the same or equivalent type of material will not be required no extra charge.
On you can book the category of the equipment and the models are shown only as an example. A particular model of skis may be required directly in rental shop, which depending on availability, will be happy to satisfy you.
Usually, you can pick up your equipment from 5.30 PM the day before the first day of hire. You can still contact the rental shop chosen to ensure that the equipment is really available.
Depends on the height of the boy or the girl and his or her shoe size. If your child is taller than 150 cm and has a shoe size greater than 36 generally will have to book a ski as an adult. In case you booked a ski as a child and its true measures require a ski as an adult, will be required a price difference in the rental shop.
Sure, simply do not match any accessory during the booking equipment process.

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