Pick up of equipment reserved
Hire of booked equipment, start the morning of the first day of rental. Very often the customer prefers to pick up all the evening before, to earn time on the first day of holiday. This pick up method is normally accepted by hirer, but what is the correct time to go to the rental shop?
To get the answer to this question, consult the opening hours of the rental shop ehere you have booked, and go just before closing time. So you're sure that the equipment is available for hire and already prepared.

Change of booked equipment
Have you booked the equipment for your holiday week, and you have many doubts? Do you think you have not entered the correct height or a shoe size? No problem! In the rental shop you'll always find an operator that, with the highest disposability, recommends to you the best equipment and can change the material in based on your real needs.

Return of the equipment
All the rental equipment must be returned within the closing hours of the last day of rental. In some cases, speaking directly with the hirer, you can arrange the return of the material the following day, in the early morning.


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