Buying skis or hire them?

This question haunts you at every beginning of the season? We then discover toghether what benefits you have with rental instead of purchasing the equipment:

  • Think of the speed at which technology evolves from one season to another, and of the changes of the skis from year to year: the models that today are at the forefront in a few months will already be outdated! By renting the equipment, instead, this problem does not exist: the latest news from the best brands are always at your disposal!

  • If you are not a really assiduous skier the purchase cost of the equipment will be difficult to amortize!

  • The convenience of traveling 'light' is priceless! Also you will not have to install the ski-rack on the car, or pay surcharges on the train or plane for bags that are too bulky.

  • Think to the nightmare of bad holidays causes by theft or breakage of your equipment: Enjoy a carefree holiday!

  • Save on the annual maintenance cost of your skis: binding adjustment, waxing, foils, repair of the slab: Renting the equipment you'll have always ski perfectly adjusted and perfected by our professionals Skimen, and the ski service is included in the price!

  • You almost convinced, but... the risk of not finding availability of the best ski or snowboard for you, stops you? Plays in advance: BOOK ON-LINE!


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